Message from the President

As SOGAD, we are proud of our support in making our country one of the few who managed to see a positive growth despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iron-Steel is considered among the most important industries supporting a country’s economy. Entirely made of reusable and recyclable materials, steel plays a critical role in building a circular economy.

Flat steel, one of the main branches of the steel industry, along with its byproducts, cold-rolled, galvanized and coated steel, is becoming increasingly important both in the world and in our country. Cold-rolled, galvanized and coated coil sectors continue to develop with new investments coming into play as a result of recent increase in demand in the Turkish market and we are positioned among the leading countries in these sectors with our production level and wide quality offerings capable of competing with international manufacturers. Since 2010, the export of cold-rolled, galvanized and coated coils move in an upward direction and we have been delivering quality Turkish steel to the entire world.

As manufacturers of cold-rolled, galvanized and coated coils, we act as raw material suppliers, particularly to the white appliances and automotive-industry sectors. In addition, our products also reach to a number of other sectors, such as radiators, building and construction. SOGAD is proud to involve the main suppliers in these sectors, with an annual production capacity of approximately 5.5 million tons.

As SOGAD, we are happy to represent the majority of cold-rolled, galvanized and coated coil manufacturers, who provided employment to 4,785 individuals in 2021 and reaching to a total turnover of 55 million TRY. In 2021, we accounted for 70% of the 3.2 million tons (approx.) of cold-rolled, galvanized and coated coils exported from Turkey, making our contribution to Turkish economy with an export turnover of 2.5 billion USD.

Our primary goals include carrying Turkish flat steel industry forward, adding value to Turkish economy and representing our country in the best way possible on the global scale.

Warm regards,

Kerem Çakır

Chair of the Board, Association of Cold Rolled,

Galvanized and Coated Coil Manufacturers