Sectoral Information

In 2021, Turkey manufactured 40.4 million tons of crude steel to become the 7th largest steel producer in the world.

1 PO
Pickled and Oiled (PO):
Produced by descaling the oxide layer formed on hot rolled steel using hydrochloric acid and subsequently applying oil to prevent oxidation.
Uses: Automotive, construction, general manufacturing industries
2 FH
Full Hard Steel (FH):
These are flat steel products manufactured by cold rolling of pickled and oiled steel. They are highly resistant with very low elongation tolerance since FH materials are not annealed.
Uses: Steel rings, buckles, work safety boots, piping, etc.
3 CR
Cold Rolled Coil (CRC):
Involves processing of FH (full hard) materials produced by pickling and rolling. Cold-rolled coil is the product formed by annealing and tempering (to achieve desired surface properties) FH (full hard) materials. While cold-rolled coil surface is uncoated, the customer may request oiling as a surface protection depending on specific needs. Cold-rolled coil products go through customer processes such as pressing/forming or coating, which turns them into the final product.
Uses: Automotive industry, white appliances, metal fasteners, door/window profiling systems, production of radiators and ventilation equipment, etc.
Hot Dip Galvanized Flat Steel (HDG):
Produced by applying a zinc coating on both surfaces of the flat steel material. Galvanized coil is extremely resistant to corrosion. Galvanized coil production requires continuous administration of preconditioning, annealing, galvanizing, tempering, tension leveling, and depending on the demand, oiling/passivation to steel on the same line.
Uses: Automotive, white appliances and sub-industries, building/construction, boards, cable duct production, various steel construction works, panels, etc.
3 CC
Coated Coil (CC):
Produced by colour-coating galvanized flat products in rolls. Products are colour-coated according to customer demands in the continuous coating line and they are highly resistant to corrosion.
Uses: Automotive, white appliances, electronic goods, decorative products, packaging industry, lighting industry, etc.